A&E Fueling Hate Crimes and Religious Bigotry

Leah Remini: The Aftermath Inciting Violence and Hate


What do you get when you cross a cable network that specializes in fake reality shows that fan the flames of hatred and bigotry…

… with a bitter and disgruntled sitcom actress whose immoral conduct had gotten her kicked out of the Church of Scientology?

You’d get what can only be described as anti-religious TV hate speech.

Because here’s A&E, fresh from being busted for under-the-table cash payments to white supremacists in “Generation KKK,” now paying Leah Remini to lie about her former religion.

The “dream team” Remini cast, rehearsed and coached to appear in her show—a small pack of liars, deadbeats and malcontents, most kicked out of the Church years, even decades ago.

Neither Remini nor A&E vetted any of them, when a simple fact check would have proven their sensational and incendiary claims false and long-discredited.

A&E’s irresponsible broadcast of Leah Remini’s lying and hate mongering has led to over 500 bomb and death threats and acts of violence directed at the Church of Scientology.

Which makes Leah Remini and A&E every bit as guilty of inciting violence and bigotry as the white supremacists A&E promotes.